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The Image of the City
The Image of the City
What does the city's form actually mean to the people who live there? What can the city planner do to make the city's image more vivid and memorable to the city dweller? To answer these questions, Mr. Lynch, supported by studies of Los Angeles, Boston, and Jersey City, formulates a new criterion -- imageability -- and shows its potential value as a guide for the building and rebuilding of cities. The wide scope of this study leads to an original and vital method for the evaluation of city form. The architect, the planner, and certainly the city dweller will all want to read this book.


The Image of the City (and Other Essays)
The Image of the City (and Other Essays)
When Charles Williams died in 1945 there remained to us of his work, besides his published books and those which he had in preparation for the press, a number of essays which had appeared in periodicals and elsewhere, many of which contain important statements of his ideas. A selection of these is printed here. -from the Introduction Charles Williams was one of the finest-not to mention one of the most unusual-theologians of the twentieth century. His mysticism is palpable-the unseen world interpenetrates ours at every point, and spiritual exchange occurs all the time, unseen and largely unlooked for. His novels are legend, and as a member of the Inklings, he contributed to the mythopoetic revival in contemporary culture.


Movie Studios of Culver City (Images of America Series)
Movie Studios of Culver City (Images of America Series)
After watching pioneer filmmaker Thomas Ince film one of his famous Westerns on Ballona Creek, city founder Harry Culver saw the economic base for his city. Culver announced plans for the city in 1913 and attracted three major movie studios to Culver City, along with smaller production companies. “The Heart of Screenland” is fittingly etched across the Culver City seal. These vintage images are a tour through the storied past of this company town on the legendary movie lots bearing the names of Thomas Ince, Hal Roach, Goldwyn, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lorimar, MGM-UA, Columbia, Sony Pictures, DeMille, RKO-Pathe, Selznick, Desilu, Culver City Studios, Laird International, the Culver Studios, and such nearly forgotten mini-factories as the Willat Studios. On these premises, Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Citizen Kane, E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial, and other classics were filmed, along with tens of thousands of television shows and commercials featuring Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and many others.


Jersey City (NJ) (Images of America)
Jersey  City   (NJ)   (Images  of  America)
Patrick Shalhoub has brought together over two hundred fascinating photographs and prints of Jersey City which bring to life the people, places, and events which have created the city's vibrant and colorful history over the centuries. He takes us on a journey into the past. We see the farming communities which dominated the locality from the 1660s through the middle of the nineteenth century, when the area was part of the larger Bergen Township. We then experience the arrival of the immigrants, the advent of industrialization, and the rapid growth of Jersey City from a cluster of farmsteads and villages into the second largest city in New Jersey. Immigration has been the lifeblood of Jersey City's history, and through the images selected here we witness how Jersey City sprang to life with the influx of immigrants between 1830 and 1920-at first, Irish, German, and British, and, later, immigrants from southern and eastern Europe, including Italians, Poles, Russians, and Slovaks. African-Americans were present in Bergen Township from the early days of the city, but their numbers increased with the migration of laborers from the South in the first half of the twentieth century and their important contribution to the city continued. In recent decades, new communities have grown in Jersey City, including Latin American, Asian Indian, Egyptian, Filipino, and Haitian communities.


Long Island City (Images of America)
Long Island City (Images of America)
Long Island City captures the unique flavor of a former city (1870-1898) nestled between Manhattan and Queens that retains its identity to this day. Created by consolidating Old Astoria Village, Steinway, Ravenswood, Dutch Kills, Blissville, Sunnyside, and the Long Island Rail Road terminal in Hunters Point, it has been an industrial dynamo since the Civil War. It is home to creative people and innovative ideas, the Steinway piano factory, the movie industry, the Information Age, and a growing list of museums and galleries. Minutes from midtown Manhattan, it is again a magnet for new generations seeking the charms of a small town with the advantages of a great city.


Atlantic City (NJ) (Images of America)
Atlantic  City   (NJ)  (Images  of  America)
Few American resort cities rival the romantic slpendor of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Since 1854, this island has evoked dreams and memories of days lived amid white sand beaches, a vibrant boardwalk, exciting amusement piers, and grand hotels. For decades it was a place where teenagers fell in love, returned for honeymoons, and later brought families. Atlantic Cities is a nostalgic return to the pre-casino days that now seem relatively innocent. The founders believed that the city would become a grand health resort, featuring healthful sea breezes and balmy days. Nearly deserted when the first train loaded with day-trippers arrived on July 1, 1854, Atlantic City, by 1900, was known throughout much of the world as "The Queen of American Resorts." With huge hotels lining the Boardwalk and unique amusement piers jutting into the ocean, the city thrived on what one promoter called "ocean, emotion, and constant promotion." Those were the days when bathers frolicked on the beach in drab clothing, when the Boardwalk was alive with throngs of happy visitors, and Miss America actually strolled the Boardwalk amid the crowds. Images like those, and of course of the annual Easter Parade, one of the East Coast's premier social events, are among the nearly two hundred photographs carefully selected for this long-awaited book.


Kansas City B-25 Factory (Images of Aviation)
Kansas City B-25 Factory (Images of Aviation)
An industrial miracle took place at the Fairfax Airport, on the shores of the Missouri River, between 1941 and 1945. A massive factory was quickly built and a large modification center was soon added. At its peak, over 24,000 greater Kansas City–area residents were employed by North American Aviation, Inc. Their goal was to build as many twin-engine B-25 Mitchell medium bombers for wartime service as possible. Their success was the construction of an unprecedented 6,608 aircraft. The B-25 Mitchell served with distinction in every theater of World War II, and significant numbers of them were provided to Allied nations. Many B-25s have been preserved, and some of them remain airworthy today. They can be seen on static display or in flight at air shows all across America.


Ocean City, Vol. 1 (Images of America: Maryland)
Ocean City, Vol. 1 (Images of America: Maryland)
Originally the land of the Algonquian people, the barrier island on which Ocean City is now located, served as a protective wall for the mainland Delmarva peninsula. It was a somewhat remote area until five men, having formed the Atlantic Hotel Company Corporation, built the first lodging facility, and Ocean City as a coastal resort began to take root. From the cattle grazing in the mid-1800s to the few blocks of buildings constructed at the turn of the century, from the infamous storm of 1933 to the overwhelming growth of the 1940s, Ocean City has had a rich and vibrant history. This volume offers a historical perspective of Ocean City from its inception to 1946, a period when growth was steady but slow. Now boasting over eight million visitors annually, the area is Maryland's golden-haired child and its second-largest city during peak summer weekends when an average of 300,000 tourists arrive.


Redwood City (Images of America: California)
Redwood City (Images of America: California)
Redwood City’s slogan, “Climate Best By Government Test,” describes the fair weather at San Mateo County’s seat, which was established in 1851 as the bayside terminus for the peninsula’s lumber industry. Wharfs located along Redwood Creek formed the basis of the town’s commercial district, and in the 20th century, the city’s port expanded with new industries, such as the Pacific-Portland Cement Company, the Morgan Oyster Company, and Leslie Salt. Meanwhile, Redwood City’s downtown area hosted many civic events, numerous theaters, and the region’s largest retail district. In the 1950s, the city grew along Woodside Road and, soon thereafter, when Redwood Shores was added to its boundaries, expanded north. Today Redwood City has come full circle with a revitalized downtown and a beautifully restored courthouse square.


New York City Police (Images of America)
New York City Police (Images of America)
New York City, one of the world’s premier urban centers, is also home to the world’s most famous and storied municipal law enforcement service: the NYPD. Policing in New York is as old as the city itself, although much has changed since the first Dutch rattle watch patrolled streets in the 1620s. Technological improvements, advancing professional standards, and historical moments like the 1898 consolidation of New York City and the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, have each profoundly changed the way New York City police officers do their jobs. Still, as New York City Police emphasizes, certain elements of “the job” remain true through the decades and centuries. Being a police officer in New York City has always involved a certain amount of danger, sacrifice, and public coordination.


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